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Electrical Installation

We have a team of qualified Electrical Technicians and Electricians, which mainly undertakes the following installations and repairs:

 Installations on Commercial Buildings and sites

 Installations on Industrial Buildings such as workshops and factories.

 Overhead Lines Erection and Complete Installations.

 Motor Control Center Wiring and Maintenance.

 H.T Switchgear and Machinery.

 Construction and maintenance of mini-substations.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

We also have a refrigeration section that is manned by one qualified Refrigeration Technician and Assistants.We mainly attend to breakdowns and installations in supermarkets and factories Also we satisfy the needs of farming community in these areas

Electric Motor Rewinding

Our workshop in Industria, Johannesburg, mainly does armature winding and our repairs include the following:

 A.C Squirrel Cage Induction Motors.

 A.C Rotor Wound Induction Motors (Slip Ring).

 Alternators and Generators.

 Transformers and Welding Machines.

 General Machine repairs & rewinding.

 Construction and maintenance of Electric Motors.

Solar Panel Installation

We specialize in all Electrical Engineering projects heavy and light current. We also do solar power generation infrastructures.


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  • Email: info@divine-electrical.co.za

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